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A New Start, Taking The Pulse Of The World

Kingsland City Will Create A World-Class Lifestyle For Africa

Kingsland City, Unveiling The Beauty Of City Life.



Kingsland City,Covering 4,000,000 Square Meters Of Remarkable Land In Central Lusaka

Central Area Along Twin Palm Road

A Completed Community In Boundless Grass

A Central Park of 200,000 Square Meters By Your Side

Equipped With 6-Level Intelligent Security System,Adjacent To The ZAF Base,

Superior And Safe Environment

Shopping Mall In The Neighborhood

Entertainment And Activities Within The Community

Aiming At World-Class Lifestyle,Bringing New Ideas From All Around The World



Central Area, Serviced Plot


Kingsland City is located on Twin Palm road of Lusaka,

the capital city of Zambia, just 20-minute drive from downtown,

and it will be a unique landmark in the heart of the city that you can't afford to miss.

It is designed as a complete community in boundless mountain

with total investment of more than 1.4 billion US dollars

and total construction area of over 1 million square meters for high-standard residential purposes,

offering world-class lifestyle for the whole Zambia!